Finally a Style of my Own?

Finally getting my footage in the edit room I started analysing the shots for the first time, I refused to look at the footage as I wanted to mainly work with actors as I felt this would be needed with type of film I was creating, as well as this I knew that I was … Continue reading

Directing Hearing is Believing

My negotiated module has seem to change furiously throughout, going from installation to sonic art and finally at film. As well as this my outcomes have somewhat changed, I wanted to look at how a director can use sound when trying to push narrative, this did tend to talking and looking at directing it’s self … Continue reading

Moving Narrative – Evaluation

It’s safe to say that this term has been the hardest of all, the workload was bulky and as well as this in my self I felt destroyed. I couldn’t seem to get any motivation or work flow going until very late, I feel that when coming towards a project I have to take my … Continue reading

Questioning The Works of Tarkovsky

The problem I have had with this module is not all down to the work load and the stress with juggling two massive projects, although this has been troublesome. No for me the difficulty came with the screenings themselves. Let me explain, a lot like many others I took some time with coming to terms … Continue reading

Foley – Creating Speed and Mass

Back to the practical side now, I really wanted to try to create all of the sounds myself for A Journey To Paradise the reason being I can’t help but feel I cheated if I did not. Although this was a great idea, this was my first time ever trying to complete the sounds myself. Andrew showed … Continue reading

The Voice of A Journey To Paradise

The voice is something that I am very interested in looking at in cinema, so much so I have arranged and deciding on studying this topic for my final dissertation. That being said I feel unready and unread to start delving into the depths of voice as I haven’t had the time to place my … Continue reading

The Importance of Location Sound

The importance of location sound is undeniably important, why? It’s a great way to hide a dirty recording, transition between audio clips, it also sets the location of the area, transporting the audience into the universe. That being said it seems strange to me that this is the only possibility for location sound. Couldn’t it … Continue reading

The Sound Of Birth.

We gestate in Sound, and are born into Sight Cinema gestated in Sight, and was born into Sound. – Walter Murch In the last post I touched upon added value, I now want to take the time in explaining some of the reasonings behind my sounds choices in A Journey To Paradise. When thinking about sound for … Continue reading