Taking A Step Back – Plan of Action

For the past couple of days I have been eating and sleeping at Andrews house, starting in the morning and finishing around 4 in the morning, why? That’s a good question. At the start of the week we came to the realisation of the mammoth task we had set ourselves, with A Journey To Paradise coming in … Continue reading

Sound Designer & Director – Working Together

The true sound designer must be immersed in the story, characters, emotions, environments, and genre of the film. With their contribution the audience will be led down the path in an integrated, yet most often subconscious manner toward an experience itself. Using all the tools of music, psychology, acoustics, and drama, the art of orchestration comes into play, … Continue reading

Making My Points Clear!

Negotiated project or more to the point this term has become a tricky process of handling time, money and motivation. All of which are dangerous factors when studying a degree but more so when trying to create a film. Countless let downs from actors, changing of ideas, all of which have made me a little … Continue reading

Looking Back

Whilst attending film screenings on a Tuesday afternoon, there has been a number of films that have not only blown me away but stayed with me throughout the entirety of the second year. Such films as Shane Meadows – Dead Man’s Shoes (Dead Mans Shoes, 2004) & Steven Knights – Locke (Locke, 2013). No film however has struck … Continue reading

Sound in Space – Gravity

Being interested in sound design or more so having a love for it, seems to put me in awkward and unwanted situations. It appears that the more I fall in love with the power and use of sound within film, I am liking films solely based on the sound design or use of sound and … Continue reading

An Evolving Sound

A few days ago I created a post outlining the sound of the beast, more to the point the sound of The Entity within my film. I stated the kind of sound that I wanted alongside the reasons behind each decision. As my film is still in the process of being made/not being made I … Continue reading