Finally a Style of my Own?

Finally getting my footage in the edit room I started analysing the shots for the first time, I refused to look at the footage as I wanted to mainly work with actors as I felt this would be needed with type of film I was creating, as well as this I knew that I was doing it from a sound perspective so the actors may be confused slightly about this, which they were.

One looking at the footage I was a little down, a lot of the footage (especially the studio) is not of a great quality. Constant out of focus shots are throughout the film, as well as this I started doing less and less takes due to people growing annoyed on how many we were doing, as well as this time was being lost. This meant I didn’t have a lot to work with so what could I do.

Instead of falling flat on my face and giving up I started looking at ways in the edit to get around this. This was a blessing in disguise as I feel I have maybe tapped into an essence of my own filmmaking style. As some shots do not line up together in regards to expression, reaction and position I have had to leave the following dialog coming in as the previous image is still up, this creates a criss cross of time. Allowing the idea of time not being an assest to engage with the script, which is excellent fort this film.

Not only this, it feels and looks great. In my eyes any way, I felt it a little jarring at first but then grew accustomed to the movement and really started to engage with the edit. This may seem confusing now but it will be shown in my final piece where I will explain my reasonings.

I am excited to have maybe found something that I can use as a distinctive style of my own, I hope to work on this over the summer in understanding how it works.



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