Negotiated Project – Evaluation

Negotiated project has been a great module to work on, in some ways I wish it was our only one for this term as I would have loved to put my full concentration into it, that being said I feel I have done a brilliant job in creating a film that is looking to be around 20-30 minutes long. I couldn’t of course of done it without such an amazing crew.

In regards to my self-evaluation I have surprised myself on how I handled a crew and actors, I was weary as this was my first film directing actors over 50 as well as it being my first time with dialog, that being said I really am pleased with how I coped. Although I would make some changes.

With my module and project proposal it has changed somewhat, I seemed to have looked at directing as a whole instead of just sound, I have completed the latter which is great, grade wise.

I seem to have in some way found my calling in negotiated project, after hearing what Aden had to say about my directorial skills and manner I really feel I have the character and vision in becoming a director, in this shoot I managed to take command and really thrust this film into being completed. One thing I look to change however is being changed by crew, I am always happy and welcome any ideas as I love to collaborate, that being said I wish to stamp down on this idea that too many takes is bad. Besides I heard all the greats do it


Directing through the idea of creating sound as the main drive for narrative was great, finally I was doing what I always wanted to do. Allowing sound to take charge, this however didn’t mean that the visuals had to lack. Some of the shots are outstanding, lighting wise. As well as this I like to pride myself for being Rob Smith’s worst enemy when it comes to camera movement, I am always thinking of new and challenging ways with moving with the camera, all of which he always seems to capture.

I really felt connected with the characters and story, I didn’t find it hard when it came to seeing the edit in my head, however this did change. As some of the shots were not up to scratch I had to adjust my edit to match what we had, this was met with the biggest blessing in the two years of filming. I have found an editing technique that I am very fond of, it seems to push time in an almost montage way whilst keep the ideologies of long take, allowing the image to remain whilst the audio carries on. Jarring at first I feel that with practise it could work.

Finished product

I always wanted to create a first draft of my film, I soon came to realize however that this was a ridiculous idea as I only had a day to edit, as well as blog. Understanding this I resorted into picking several scenes where either my directing took place, or my sound directing took place or both. In doing this I can show some of my mentality behind the shots I gathered, in some ways it’s somewhat of a visual evaluation.

I wish I arrived at the idea of Hearing is Believing sooner, I feel with that more given time I could have stretched out the filming which would have allowed for better visuals, that being said would have I discovered this new way of editing?

My finished product seems rough around the edges, I have to make it clear that this isn’t a show or evidence of Sound design, but more so the choice of sound in a story and how certain shots engage the audio instead of the visuals themselves.

I feel that this is enough of an evaluation as my final piece will run alongside this.

I am happy with my final product and the filming it’s self, it feels to finally feel right in the place of film, with encouraging words from Aden as well as a 30 minute film sitting in my hard drive I can’t wait to shoot the third and final film

One Who Looks



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