Moving Narrative – Evaluation

It’s safe to say that this term has been the hardest of all, the workload was bulky and as well as this in my self I felt destroyed. I couldn’t seem to get any motivation or work flow going until very late, I feel that when coming towards a project I have to take my time in understanding it. For both moving narrative 2 and negotiated project I feel I didn’t have this luxury, the fact that I am writing two evaluations in one day is evidence of this.

That being said I still managed to complete the tasks, to the best of my ability? I tried. To a good standard? I can do way better. Did I learn a lot? Yes.

Sound design is no easy task, it’s one of those professions that takes hours and hours to not get very far, I have already expressed the time I put in for 15 seconds of screen time, that being said it was more than worth it. I have learned massively in regards to practicality of sound design, I find it hard to ever engage in anything technical as I do not have the means of my own to practise, my computer doesn’t have the power to handle such tasks so I have to learn in college hours, for this however I was able to use Andrews computer and witnessed leaps in my learning, the target of getting a computer before I return is on the cards.

The biggest advantage and learning outcome out of this is the discovery of Michel Chion’s work, this has opened my eyes to an entire new way of look, or more so hearing sound. I knew some of the theories behind sound but this has blown my mind in regards to just what sound has the power to do. I can’t help but think in finding these books  has set my path for the third and final year, as well as the start of my film making career.

I felt that the screenings could have been changed a little, I felt that they were a little to focused on a small number of themes, especially long take. Although I love long take I had already studied this and found it difficult to pluck anything away that related to sound design or sound theory, I often found myself talking about films I had watched in my own time, or have watched.

Blog wise in comparison to past modules it is somewhat lacking, that being said I feel that this module has been such a deep learning curve with not only theory but practicality that I was in too deep to start writing about my journey. I normally feel ready to discuss/write about this at least a month after standing away from my project. I can’t help but feel that both blogs and evaluation straight after the module is destructive to the entire process. I often end up kicking myself a few weeks later as I missed something to talk about.

The presentation was met with mixed feelings, many of my peers arrived with slides, on review of the brief I saw no evidence on having to do this, however I would have liked some sort of visual response behind me. The fact that the day before half of my footage for another module went missing, this took over any importance I had and sadly hindered my presentation, or at least I feel it did.

The dialog scenes really let me down, I forgot to mention that I didn’t have time to work on these, that being said when reviewing them on 2 other audio outputs, they seemed fine. The next target for me will be to master both mixing and mastering to gain that cinema quality. I expressed that I had met a new way of thinking when it came to audio and visuals, that I would no longer hold a somewhat vendetta towards imagery and how it took over audio, sadly this changed near enough after the screening.

When returning we were met with shouts about how good the C-100 looked, how it made everything ‘cinematic’ I couldn’t help but feel both disappointed and angry. I started feeling that maybe I let the side down, that my foley wasn’t up to scratch. Heading outside for a break I was at the lowest point in my time at PCA. I could have probably sobbed a little if I wasn’t too tired to think. Meeting Dan and Chris outside it was clear there was something wrong, I expressed my concerns and Dan simply smiled and said “No one will mention anything about the audio”.

This sentence has stayed with me for a while, what did he mean by this. I knew that it wasn’t an attack against audio itself as me and Dan have talked about the importance of it. Upon pondering about this I have come to a somewhat of a temporary conclusion. We are led to believe the visuals and imagery are the greatest illusion in the expression of cinema. In my short time within filmmaking I have to completely disagree. It is audio that is the illusionist, but why?

It’s audio that takes a back seat when cinema is concerned, it is audio that seems to slip under the radar, it’s audio that seems to be the sidekick to imagery. However audio does not simply keep to these terms, although unnoticed it’s audio that holds the true power of sensory realm, it’s audio that can evoke real emotion in a single note, it’s audio that has the ability to send meaning, messages and symbols, and as an illusion it does it without anyone noticing. So what Dan was almost saying, or what I have taken from this is.

You are not doing it right if the audience has picked up on it.

So a lot like faith, my idea of sound was questioned, tested and beaten down, but now I have come away with a bigger love of audio, a deeper understanding. With this I look forward to working with it in the third year.

“No one will mention anything  about the audio”. I am fine with that, as long as everyone is thinking this, I am doing my Art correctly.


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