Directing Hearing is Believing

My negotiated module has seem to change furiously throughout, going from installation to sonic art and finally at film. As well as this my outcomes have somewhat changed, I wanted to look at how a director can use sound when trying to push narrative, this did tend to talking and looking at directing it’s self so it’s for that reason that I wish to include moments and research on directing.

Day One. 

Day one of the shoot was a little stressful. For one my actors seemed to be turning up at different times, due to lateness I had to go with the flow and use what I could and who I could at that given time, it meant that I had to think quick on my feet and believe in my crew to produce the footage I needed. Meeting the actors I discussed the roles with them and they seemed happy on who they were playing, ideally I would have liked to do this before but due to time and money this couldn’t be done. One we were ready we began filming.


It seemed to be going okay for the most part, I normally find that the first days of filming are the hardest, getting to grips with both actors and crew takes time, when you have 3 days to do this however it’s hard to allow this time. I have worked with this familiar crew before however so it wasn’t to bad. As time went on we seemed to be going at a good pace, or so I thought. Whilst filming I heard grumbles on the amount of takes I was gathering, this isn’t the first time. I often hear people telling me I do too many takes, almost mocking me, I am somewhat confused by this. I had spent 2 months not to mention 300 pounds in trying to make this film, it seemed silly that we would rush it now when it mattered most. I can’t help but get that some people want to burst through filming and it’s the duration on set that regards if it’s been a positive shoot or not.

The end line is this, if I don’t see the shot I want, or the performance I want. I’m not cutting. Big words. This didn’t hold up, the pressure of the crew got to me and I started to find myself allowing shots that I wasn’t 100% happy with going by, this was my biggest downfall


Performance wise I was happy, the actors seemed to really understand and engage with the characters. For the first time I felt a synergy between me and the actors, we knew what we wanted and what we had to reach. This was a great feeling. The shoot slowly started coming to an end and we had to wrap up for the first day, I hadn’t looked at the shots for the entire shoot as I had Rob as D.O.P and didn’t want to stand on his toes. We scheduled for the next day.

Day Two.

Day two everyone seemed a little more upbeat, we were out of college and in the film set, Ciara did a fantastic job of dressing the set and I could really feel the story by simply standing in the room. The day however got off to a slow start, there was still more dressing to do and it took a while for any of the shots to get set up. On this day I was working off Rob’s shot list, in an attempt to make filming go that little more quickly.


It seemed to have the opposite effect, I felt myself getting a little confused and in result my actor was becoming confused. Shots were being split in half which meant trying to find the emotions of the character was difficult, I understand that doing a shot list saves time but it does hinder the performance. There seems to be a common trait of time vs quality. I shall look into finding the perfect balance. On this day I found myself directing with sound in mind a little more, this started of slow. It was hard for both my actor and my crew to grasp how the scenes would work, as they could not physically see it, they didn’t understand how scene A would connect with scene B. All I could do was smile and explain that I had it under control and it would work, I soon enough started explaining to Richard about why I was doing it this way, he seemed to like the idea and after this explanation, picked up the reasonings pretty quickly.

Everyone was great on set and we started to have a good bond going, as time went on however I felt things became a little rushed, scenes were not being marked. Shots were happening without my guidance, I couldn’t help but feel I was loosing my grasp of the film. Taking a break we got the crew and actor fed and re grouped, we soon got back to our usual ways. Again I didn’t look at footage.

Day 3

Day 3 was the big day, we had all of the actors arriving at once and still had a number of important shots to get ,everyone seemed to have their eye on the ball and didn’t falter at all. I was really impressed with how everyone worked, and although everyone was tired we managed to get all of the shots. The shoot was met with some complications with the police arriving which meant some time was lost, in the end however we perused and got the film done. One of the shots I had to go into the attic as I was the smallest member and we needed lights shining through, I would have changed this now for a number of reasons.

10286968_277255662452729_2945969146494524662_o 10344392_277255612452734_5234683638035599859_o

I lost all control on what was going on downstairs, I couldn’t see if it was planning out how I wanted it to, although I had Aden who was my co director I was anxious about the shots themselves and the performance. I often had Richard arriving at the attic door asking for some kind of guidance, I tried my best to direct from the attic door but obviously it had some problems. Finally the film shoot was done however and we wrapped up on what was a very long and hard shoot


I always like the idea of co directing, it’s a collaborative art non the less and I like to work with people who I can learn from and grow with. Working with Aden had its ups and downs but I really enjoyed the process of directing actors. It wasn’t clear to me then but I have soon come to understand that Aden was somewhat out of his depth, I don’t wish to speak on his behalf but I feel this was a big shoot for him, who was I kidding, it was for me as well. As time went on Aden took a backseat and watched from the back, he still directed however and was always there if I needed someone to talk to about how the scene should go.

Aden explained all of this in the Moving Narrative presentation in which he stated he learned a lot with working with me. This meant the world to me more than you know, I have always doubted myself as a director. When arriving to PCA everyone wanted to be a director, for me this hasn’t changed. What Aden was saying were above and beyond the nicest things he could have said, I really did try my hardest in making this film and I hope he enjoyed the shoot and learnt a great deal, I look forward to working with Aden again, he has good direction and has the ability for writing great scripts.

The shooting was done and it was time to get into the edit, with a day to go I couldn’t help but feel I had to make some adjustments.


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