Taking A Step Back – Plan of Action

For the past couple of days I have been eating and sleeping at Andrews house, starting in the morning and finishing around 4 in the morning, why? That’s a good question.

At the start of the week we came to the realisation of the mammoth task we had set ourselves, with A Journey To Paradise coming in at a staggering 25 – 30 minutes long we had a lot to do before Tuesday. Not only this I had my own film Hearing is Believing still in pre production and being shot this coming weekend, leaving me 2 days for post.

We thought the best way around this was simple. Stay up, drink coffee and buckle down. This worked for the time being, but looking at it now, fresh (or fresher) this morning, we had it all wrong. It was one of those moments when making a film, when you discover the obvious, but treat it like it might just blow the world up in its excellence.

Finishing my last bit of coffee I decided to go through what I had done in terms of sound design, I had done a fair bit, a lot more to do but it was a dent. I had roughly completed around 12 minutes of the dialog and it struck me. We only have a 5 minute slot for our audio/visual response…

(Troll 2, 1990)

Talking with Dan earlier on in the week he allowed both me and Andrew to show it at the same time, seeing as it was the same film. This allowed us 10 minutes. So why were we going insane about getting it all done, it really didn’t make sense. I guess this is a problem that seems to crop up again and again in my film making.

I find myself to deep into the project that there is an issue with me forgetting the bigger picture, well this isn’t entirely true as it’s more for the modules sake, when it comes to 100% film making I will be going at it  100 mph. I can’t help but feel this is a lesson I should take into account however for the near future, especially the third and final year.

The patience and control to allow myself to step back and asses what I have done, what needs to be done, and what the next practical step is.

So what is the next practical step?

Well I feel the best decision now is to create a plan of action, a plan that will see me over right through till hand in. Hopefully this will allow me to both create great sound design, as well as hitting the grade I should be getting.

  1. Carry on with creating Sound Design. As well as this coming to a decision with Andrew on the shots we wish to show that will both benefit his and my project, in hope that we carry out a well thought out and cohesive talk.
  2. Theory. One major worry I had been not about the sound being completed but the blog work not being up to scratch. This has always been a Practical module for me but I really want to hit the targets of the brief, this will include theory, I wish to look at especially Michel Chion, as well as the works of David Sonnenschein.
  3. Go back at the films we have watched and integrate them into my blog work, as well as this looking at alternative films that engage in my area of practise.
  4. Show all notes and practical workings. Screenshots, sound maps, tests are all vital within this project and should be shown in my journey of this project.

Keeping to these points I really feel I have a much firmer grip on my project, this means now that the only way I wont get the outcome I want, is if I do not put the effort, hours and the work in.


Troll 2. (1990). [film] Italy: Drake Floyd.


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