Making My Points Clear!

Negotiated project or more to the point this term has become a tricky process of handling time, money and motivation. All of which are dangerous factors when studying a degree but more so when trying to create a film. Countless let downs from actors, changing of ideas, all of which have made me a little lost with both filming and carrying out blog entries. I know I am not the only one who feels the time so I do take some what of solace from that, but the show must go on as they say.

(The Show Must Go On, 1991)

Today was a day of tutorials, which I feel is needed at this time. Direction is needed and I am glad to say I have that somewhat now. While speaking to Dan I explained on what needed doing, as well as this I talked about other project. He then gave me the face, the same face nearly everyone has given me so far when I have explained my ideas. It was the face of uncertainty. This has become one of my major problems as I have been led to feel that my ideas are too big.

I for one at the start didn’t think they were but as time has gone on I have questioned this, am I being ambitious? Is it nativity? Or a mixture of both? The way I see it is no one ever won an award for being not bad. I always get people telling me that I am doing too much, or maybe I should wind my ideas down. People telling me the script isn’t right, it isn’t funny, just recently I had my own co-director telling me the film couldn’t be made, all of which damages motivation. I am not scared of failure, because with failure you learn, I will however not at least try with 100%.

 (Filmschoolcomments, 2013)

I know however the film will be made, why?

Because it has to.

That being said I am not a complete fool, with the pains of film making I have had to adapt, not just me but the entire crew themselves. This is the first time with managing an entire crew and not only this, some people are relying on my film as part of their modules, it almost feels like I have to do it not just for me but for them as well. Actors have been the main pain when creating this film, the only budget we are working on is the £200 I put in myself, the majority of this has gone onto set design and costume. This means no budget, and would you believe it, most actors don’t like acting for free, this world!

We were supposed to be shooting this weekend but with the lack of actors it had to be pushed to the next weekend, not ideal. This means I have a full 2 days in post. Which is absolutely ridiculous but I think it’s doable, with coffee and no sleep I think there is a way around it. After speaking with Amanda she really wanted me to re alliterate my outcomes I wanted to show for moving narrative, in doing this I can be graded correctly in regards to what I said I would do.

Originally I was going to place an element of interactivity, but that has gone now. I do not mind this as I always felt this was more of a ‘gimmick’ then actually anything of any worth to me. I also want to make it clear that as I have only two days of post it will not be a finished piece, it wont be color corrected, nor will it be polished. More importantly it wont be showing off  a practical aspect to sound design, as this is what I am looking at in Moving Narrative 2. For negotiated I wish to simply do this:

I want to experiment with building a film  through sound. I have been on countless shoots when shots are created solely on visuals alone, I wish to take this but adapt it with sound ideologies. To simply put it I wish to direct a film that bends to sound and looks to create interesting ways of telling a story from a directorial standpoint. In researching and looking into this I hope I can add another tool to my film making belt, which in result will equal to my third and final film, alongside others, symbolism, camera movement, all of which I have looked at earlier on this year.

Throughout this year I have mentioned finding my own style as a film maker, to do this I wanted to look at Imagery system, how a story is created through the use of several tools. Now it’s time for sound.

For negotiated I will be looking at sound from a directors standpoint and how I can use it to create tension, narrative, and attention on dialog.


filmschoolcomments, (2013). Ridley Scott on being a director. Available at: [Accessed 24 May. 2014].

The Show Must Go On. (1991). [Compact Disc] London: Parlophone.





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