Interaction with cinema has always been something that has interested me. Although I would never want the original routine of regular cinema to go, it’s nice to know there is something different. An immersion that throws you into the story, makes you feel like you are in control, to only take it away from you. It’s in this interest that I wish to include some sort of interaction with my film. A film that is based on sound should equally be interactive through sound right? Correct!

After having my first tutorial with Amanda she dropped a bombshell on me which started paving a new direction my film could take. All I would need is the know how and some headphones.


The basis of my film follow a timid sound recorder named William, he hopelessly moves around his flat trying to discover what or who is in his attic. To do this he uses recording devices to pick up the sound and know it’s whereabouts. William is in constant change of being curious to record and scared out of his wits, taking off his headphones and placing them back on again is constant throughout the film. This got me thinking towards an idea, Amanda mentioned that using headphones for audiences could create a sense of being or place within the film, knowing my own character within the film would be interacting with headphones, what if the audience did the same?


So the idea was born. Every time William placed the headphones onto his head the audience would have to also. When this was the case the sound would stop playing through speakers and begin to play inside the headphones, however the audio wouldn’t be as clean, we would get the sense of hearing the audio through a microphone, the microphone William will be using. In doing this I really hope the audience will get a feeling of being inside the room, moving where William goes, hearing the difference in space when the microphone moves about. In doing this I will be achieving interaction but through the use of audio.

Of course however I do have some worries, one being again the amount of time we have. I have allowed my self roughly a week of post, but this includes editing and sound design, the sound design will be a very heavy process as it is. The other worry I have is that it might not work in an entire class room. I am unsure if we have the equipment to manage this, I also wonder that in a mass viewing you may lose that interactivity. I need to think on this a little more, maybe it might be worth setting up a small space? Somewhere the film can be screened with a max of five people.

Not dwelling on worries, this added inclusion to my work only pushes it more, creating a stronger foundation for my project as well as the overall film. If I can pull it off I may have something really special, just need to get those god dam actors!



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