Crew Meet #1

As we had a full crew now I felt it would be a great idea to all meet as a team, understand who is working within the crew, as well as sharing ideas or questioning any worries anyone might have. Posting the meeting details onto the page I made some notes on what we needed to touch upon.

Arriving at the meet the following people turned up.

  • Me
  • Rob Marshall
  • Rob Smith
  • Ciara
  • Caroline
  • Andrew

Ciara and Rob.

Ciara had expressed to me over the few days about the importance of color and how it would reflect with the lighting, as Rob was D.O.P I felt it best to bring this up in the meet so they could both discuss what they were planning to do, location lighting seemed to be the main topic, lamps would have small Led’s placed to provide more light, whilst not affecting the color. Location color was also mentioned as well as the change from oranges to blue once the power would be cut. Both parties seemed happy and we swiftly moved on.

Josh Carter.

I was a little unsure on the whereabouts of Josh, I knew that he had some problems within college but I had talked to him recently and he stated that he would love to work on the film, asking if he wanted to sound recordist job he agreed. Since then he has gone quiet, this worried me a bit and thought I would ask if anyone had any communication, they didn’t. Since then I have gotten hold of him and he has agreed to still working on the film.


I quickly wanted to touch on the dates just to make sure everything was okay and everybody was free. I received positive response and everyone was still available. Ciara brought up however that the schedule dates were a little off, after I fixed this and everything was in order.

Storyboard/shot list

Rob Marshall has taken the role of creating a shot list, I am happy for Rob to do this as he has taken the role of D.O.P. As well as this we have already seemed to build up a good work relationship where he knows what I want. We are arranging to meet up to talk about the final shot list and to make sure it’s all okay.


I needed to discuss price/budget especially with Ciara as set design needs a lot of money. Roughly I am putting around about £200 into the project, I am still unaware/unsure if Aden is putting any money into the project.


Kit and travel was a simple one, meet on the Friday to collect the kit and after the studio shoot we will use the Rob’s car to get the kit to Aden’s flat.


I was supposed to discuss this with Aden but couldn’t as he wasn’t there.


I just wanted updates about casting and acting,  no more updates as of late but Caroline is still sending out scripts, we have had a few responses.

Dressing the set

For this I only had to simply find out how much time Ciara needed to dress the set, she gave me an estimate of 2 days, this was fine and written into the schedule.


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