Tutorial 2: Progress and Pushing Ideas.

Arriving at my second tutorial I had a lot to report from last week, happily it was good news. To recap my targets were:

  • Write new Project Proposal form.
  • Meet crew and devise production schedule.
  • Casting calls – actor
  • Locations booked!

Project Proposal

I had rewritten my project proposal, it soon became clear that I had a more of an idea then the previous one, in regards to what I wanted/was going to do. As well as this I soon came to discover that most of my research was still very much the same, this meant that my previous findings/blog posts were not useless, but very much so usable.

Samuel Johns – Project Proposal

Booking Equipment

All of the kit was booked, surprisingly this wasn’t as bad as first expected. Coming to booking the equipment I feared for the worst, countless times someone has beat me to the punch, resulting in me having to get half decent equipment. Gladly I can report I managed to get everything on the list, the only items I couldn’t get was a few lenses, working with the ERC however we managed to get suitable replacements that worked just as well. I reported back to Rob Marshall with the updated equipment list and he was also pleasantly surprised.

Locations Booked

All the locations have been booked, somehow I managed to get the green screen room all day, which is practically unheard of. As well as this we still have Aden’s & Tash’s flat to work in. The only location now that we need to get is a corridor scene, this doesn’t worry me, however I would feel a lot more at ease if we had this sorted.

Casting calls. 

All casting calls have been completed, with Tash pulling out of production, Caroline has now taken over. I am glad to report that already they have been sent off to several companies and already we are getting responses.

Casting Call Form-Leslie Tea

Casting Call Form-State Force 1

Casting Call Form-William Hollingberry

Meet Crew and Schedule.

We have an upcoming meeting as an entire crew on the 12th of May at 1:00. This will be the first time that we have met together, in this meeting we will talk progress, availability, as well as worries and questions. I have met with each member of the crew on an individual basis, so communication is fluent. As well as this I set up a closed Facebook group so the crew can stay in constant contact, as well be aware in change of dates etc.




Start of Second Meeting

Amanda seemed pleased with the amount of work I had completed that week and the film seemed that little more doable. That being said I was a little worried, I explained about my blog work and that I had no motivation or need to do them. I was so into my film that I found it hard reflecting, together however me and Amanda worked out an easy way of putting time aside for blog work, as well as this we clarified on what I needed to talk about.

As well as this Amanda supplied me with some reading content, it seems that I have the sound part to my work pretty much sussed, both practically and theoretically. The part that worries me is finding content that talks about interactivity of an audience. Amanda’s book fortunately touch upon this, the following books were given to me:


As well as this I have obtained Amanda’s dissertation paper which touches on similar themes.

With this done we set new targets for the upcoming tutorial, these were:


Seems a lot more than last time but I am hopeful they will be completed, why? Because they have to be done!


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