Tutorial 1: Out with the old, in with the new.

I have come to love tutorials. Just like I have come to love dusting, yoga and myself.

I always come away from a tutorial with a new outlook on my project, I have the ability/disability of burrowing to far into my projects that sometimes I lose sight on the bigger picture. Take these blogs for example, sometimes they become such a pain. I feel that they stop my workflow, but coming away today and writing several of these critters has made me realize just how much I have already done.

Arriving at my first tutorial I had to explain to Amanda that my original idea had changed, an expression of sadness appeared on her face as I think Amanda liked my original idea. Reason being as I feel it closely resembled the works of Janet Cardiff.


That being said once my new idea was explained the excitement was back up and soon we were discussing targets. Personally I feel Amanda was a little unsure with the scale of work, thinking back now I am aware that this is the first time I have ever really worked alongside Amanda, I have had Professional practice, but this is the first time ‘creatively’ we have worked together. This being the case I think it unnerved Amanda as it seemed a big project, I assured Amanda that it could be done. Hopefully, probably, oh God…

Knowing that this was the project I would be working on me and Amanda started working on some targets together, we came to the following:

  • Write new Project Proposal form.
  • Meet crew and devise production schedule.
  • Casting calls – actor
  • Locations booked!

This would have to be done for the next tutorial meet, where we would then make new ones to make sure I was constantly moving into the right direction. As well as this Amanda unloaded a creative bombshell on me. What Amanda loved the most about my original idea was the interactive factor it held, thinking upon this she mentioned a few ways in which I could incorporate it in my film. One being the use of headphones, we briefly touched upon this but I came away with a hell of a new outlook on my film. Although it meant more work, it would only create a more interesting, audio stimulating piece.


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