Starting Over.

I have already posted up blogs for Negotiated Project, in these blogs I have stated that I had come to a point where I was happy with my project, well in true fashion this has flipped around into something totally different. Although it holds similar aspects to my original idea it has seemed to evolve into something a lot bigger.

I am very much interested in looking at sound, this hasn’t changed since day 1 and I always realized this would be the case, my original idea I wanted to incorporate the use of sound with immersion, to do this I was going to create my own space, almost like an interactive sound piece I wanted the public to be able to participate within the space, with sound directing them throughout the narration. As time went on however I had some reservations around the whole project. I had never tried creating something like this and felt with only a month it would be too much. I had to go back to the drawing board.


Already I had lost time through understanding that I couldn’t do something, annoyingly I had to grind through this and get something I was happy with. So what do I know? I know sound, I know how to make a film, let’s make a film. Well that was easy.

That being said I wouldn’t have changed the process I went on before as with this I came away with this idea of immersion, I wonder that without the initial process of the immerse space, would I just be making your average script? The plan was now set and I could finally start putting the gears in motion. For some time now Aden has expressed that he would like to work with me on a film at sometime, before I had always been working with someone else or on an independent shoot. This time was perfect and I approached Aden to see if he wanted to create a film together, he did. We agreed to both co-write and co-direct.

After I completed the script (future blog) I had to start putting a crew together. It’s very difficult around this time finding a crew as everyone is always busy. This is so with Tash, originally she agreed to Produce my film, I needed this as I knew I had a lot to get done in a small amount of time, however it seemed clear that Tash was struggling with dividing this film with her own. In result she became very unhappy and I felt the need to release some pressure by getting someone else to help out. This is the final crew.

Production: Caroline Morley

Directing: Samuel Johns & Aden Barwick

D.O.P: Robert Marshall & Robert Smith

Camera operator: Andrew Simpson & Robert Smith

Sound Recordist: Josh Carter

Set Design & Costume: Ciara Sheridan

I was ecstatic with my final crew as I feel they can all bring something interesting and unique to the table, as well as this I know they can work among a professional work space. So that was it, although it took me a while I was finally there, I can’t wait to start working through pre-production and making my final film for year 2.



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