Scripting Process.

The process of writing the script seemed to be a hard process. I have already mentioned in an earlier blog about writing with sound in mind. As well as this getting the script done practically was also a tough one. Me and Aden realized we had to start our script soon as we needed to get casting calls out as fast as we could. We felt best to start over at Aden’s house, both because it was quiet and we knew the film was taking place there. This meant we could visualize the action taking place.

We spent a couple of hours going over how we wanted our film to come out like, we touched upon story structure as well as the overall feel of the film. This was our first time working together and we knew it would need a couple of hours to get into a workflow. Finally we started getting words onto paper, once we started it seemed we couldn’t stop. The script seemed to be tackling the story from a more comedic approach, at first I was reserved about the idea, but soon enough I decided to go with it as it seemed to be coming naturally. We ended that day with much of the first part completed. Coming away from that day I felt up-beat and happy with this new direction the film had taken, we decided on scheduling another script write in two days time.


In knowing that I was meeting with Aden the next day I started planning for the day, I knew it was probably going to be a long one as we had the rest of the script to write. I felt the need to write a basic structure for the entire story. I normally do this for my own films as I find it easier and a lot more clearer to see where the story is going. In doing this I could really get a pace and feel for the film, also I could work out some of the themes that were running through the film. I’m a sucker for themes!

This took longer than expected, starting at 7 I finished around 3-4 in the morning, however I had a full script structure and was excited to get working. Showing Aden in the morning he was equally as excited. We arranged to meet later that day to start. Meeting Aden it soon became clear that nothing was going to get done, we decided on doing it in a classroom which wasn’t the best decision, I often found that Aden was elsewhere also, I think this may be down to work load as I know he is also making an independent film, as well as helping out Tash. I decided to call it a day, we were just wasting time sitting there with nothing happening. I have to admit I was a little disheartened and generally pissed off. I had been up late the night before creating this structure to help but it didn’t seem to work, I found solace across the road in the nearest pub and sat and thought about my script as a whole, while discussing my problems/worries with friends.



What I did next is still up to debate whether or not was the right decision. I decided to take matters into my own hands and complete the script myself, my worries over Aden and his work load had risen, it was hard to get him motivated about getting it completed, I am unsure if this is down to a multiple things. Workload, Personal work method, or as of late being unsure if the film could be completed. I started writing the script at 12 midday, whilst writing I was trying to keep the rhythm as well as the constant rise of terror. What seemed to take the most time however was my investment into research, both with my themes and the use of sound. I started looking at inspirations, directors, (all that will be shown in later blogs). It in this that I do feel the script thrives as a piece but it did mean a lot of time had to go into it. I think I finished again at 3-4 in the morning.

But it meant finally the script was completed.

When I told Aden about what I had done, he didn’t seem to bothered (worryingly). He liked the script but I half expected him to be a little annoyed about me going ahead by myself. Maybe he was but didn’t voice his thoughts, if this is the case I wish he did.

I am now in the process of going through it once more, I feel that it will only need 3 or 4 drafts. Slight clearing up here and there, polishing a few places.

However I am finally glad that the script is there, showing it around to a few people they seemed to like it. Mentions of the rhythm being good created a sigh of relief. Script writing for me is a little shaky, it’s hard to know if you can do it or you can’t. I guess the proof is in the pudding.



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