The project has been going well so far, pre-production has been going at a furious rate, although a productive one at that. Ciara has already started putting thoughts, ideas and drawings together for the film which is making the film come to life. Rob has helped me in regards to equipment choices. The script is near enough completed and I am happy with how it sounds.

The only and biggest worry I have is casting. I have always found it hard to find actors in the past and this film is no exception. Originally Tash was in charge of finding actors, as I have mentioned in earlier blogs however it soon became too much, alongside her other projects. This meant I was a little out of depth, searching Facebook I sought out any groups that were dedicated to finding actors. I found a few, such as: Half Cut Cinema, Actors Collective, Casting Directors for actors.

This is the post I uploaded to each one:

Hey everyone,
My name is Samuel Johns, I am directing a short film in the next couple of weeks titled ‘Hearing is Believing’.
We are in need of several actors to play crucial parts within the film, as well as this we are in need of a few extras (around 5). 
We are shooting with a local and talented film crew and all locations and dates have been arranged.
If you are interested and want to know more in regards to dates/casting calls, feel free to message me at:

Many thanks 
Samuel Johns

I gathered some response’s but it wasn’t enough, simply down to wrong age’s and genders. Starting to panic a little I looked for help, I needed someone who was organised, someone who I knew could work wonders.

Caroline was this person.

I briefed Caroline on what it was I was trying to create, I also explained that I understood if she was too busy as most people were, I also didn’t want to add-on extra stress to Caroline’s workload. We basically came to the agreement that Caroline would go away and think about it, depending if she could find the time to help. I appreciated this as I have to be honest I am sick and tired of people accepting they can do something when realistically they can’t.

I awoke to a message, a message basically stating “I’m In”

(OrangeCabinet, 2013)

(My reaction)

Having Caroline on board really did comfort me, as well as this, it would be the first time working with Caroline, which I have wanted to do for a while now. We arranged to get a meeting sorted between us to find out what needed doing.


Meeting Caroline we talked through my worries and what I needed help with, it was pretty clear, schedule and organisation and casting. Sending over all the needed documents such as casting calls Caroline got to work straight away, first of all putting together a schedule, automatically everything looked a little less scary and I could see what day’s I had and what time I could give to certain things.

Hearing is Believing Schedule (1)

As well as this Caroline started sending out the casting calls to multiple casting agencies. Finally the script was out there and we waited for responses.


 (, 2014)

All in all I feel a little happier now that Caroline is on board, Actors was my biggest worry but now the future looks a little brighter


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