Sound and Space.

I have started to break down and collect my thoughts about my Negotiated Project, the reason being that when I seem to start a new module it takes many twists and turns before I get to my final product/idea. Already I know the magnitude of this project so I want to get a head start and iron out any problems or last-minute changes. This will then leave me with 5-6 solid weeks working towards a finished goal.

In my last post I had given a rough out line on what it was I would be focusing on, this was sound. As well as this I gave two ideas that I wanted to look at using the medium of sound. Well already this has changed drastically, I say drastically, the original premise is still there but it has started to grow into a new area of study, one which I have wanted to investigate for some time now.


Aware of this opportunity to investigate  in a module that awards investigation, I now feel this is the right time to do it. I have decided to take the direction of immersion/interactivity, yet still with sound being the main driving force of the piece. The need to create a space however has become a very important process also. In my original idea, ‘the space’ was a second thought, some would say a ‘gloss’ to the project. Now I wish it to play just an important part as the sound is. I feel that within this space I can control the sound. Essentially what I am trying to accomplish is the birth of a three-dimensional space, with sound being the heart that pumps life into it.

I am still unaware of the type of narration that I wish to carry out through this ‘installment’, I have some rough ideas, all of which are still under construction. What I do know is, I want to create a connection between this – moving narrative 2 – 3rd year.

One aspect I am thinking of including is Mental Health and voyeurism. These are major themes with Mine and Andrews third year film, ‘The One Who Looks’. In doing this installment, it will give me a great chance to investigate mental health, as well as understanding the creation of space using sound. In how it travels, connects with an individual and changes their concentration. Also, voyeurism and the unease it creates, not only of the one being watched, but the viewer as well.

Although it is still early stages I am excited to already see a direction, although not quite clear I feel happy in the way I am going. Now it’s time for research and investigation.



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