Artist Inspiration & Appreciation – Gregor Schneider.

The hardest part to date so far about my project is finding true inspiration, I feel somewhat uneducated in the world of installments or immerse narration. I have always wanted to try to create my own but I have never looked at others ‘in awe’. Deciding this was something I had to investigate further, I began to look at Artists that just didn’t interest me, but an Artist that connected to the project I am currently undertaking.



Gregor Schneider is an artist I have discovered with some similarities with. Not so much from a sound design perspective, but in the way of creation of space. He is a German born artist who is  well-known for the construction of rooms. He has an attraction to creating third dimensional spaces, where an audience can discover a space/location and gain some type of emotional feedback. I wish my own project to become a piece where an individual can partake within the walls of the space, controlling and behaving as they wish.  Gregor’s approach is of letting the person ‘be’ within the space.

 (Art Gallery NSW, 2012)

For myself I wish to take the approach of controlling the individuals attention, emotion and feeling through sound and space. That being said I don’t want 100% control, audience interaction is key. I am very aware on how important it is for this piece to work for the audience to ‘believe’ they are in control.

Gregor seems to be very interested in space and what it can invoke within a participant. Many of these emotions revolve around the notion of fear. In an attempt to produce fear, he depends on the sensory aspect. Schneider’s spatial incursions create a sense of claustrophobia. Such feelings of unease are heightened when the artist includes in the work lifeless, sculptural bodies covered in plastic or real people repeatedly performing everyday tasks. (, 2014)

U r 10, Kaffeezimmer


Although his work generates fear, for me a lot of it comes from everyday surroundings, rooms such as dining halls and kitchens are reworked to becoming places of unease instead of relaxation. It in this where I take a big inspiration from, he doesn’t always rely on aesthetics that are visibly terrifying, the terror comes from the ease. This is something that I really will think about greatly within my project. Although he manages this through space, my thoughts wonder whether this can be achieved through sound.

By this I mean is their fear in the everyday noises we hear? Within the right environment and space, can these sounds become fundamentally terrifying and produce fear? I believe so, this will be a major aspect within my project.

(Berberian Sound Studio, 2012)


Music also interests me, the power of music is something (just like sound) that can be overlooked. What interests me the most about music is the sense of place it gives. For me when I listen to a track it immediately transports me to a time when that piece of music held any relevance or emotion. Intrigued by this I will be looking into this with greater depth.

The use of actors can also be seen in his work. His use of actors however are not that of interaction, but could be seen as part of the space. He uses them as in effect ‘part of the furniture’, for me they resemble lost spirits or empty vessels, carrying out tasks or actions with no real reasoning.

p1341_diefamilieschneider SchneiderDieFamilieKitchen


I have been blown away with Gregor’s work, before I found it a struggle with coming up with anything I was happy with, I put this down to inspiration. Now gaining this, a flood of ideas has hit me, now I must channel them and see what will help towards my finished project, as well as what is achievable in the time I have.


Art Gallery NSW. 2012. Gregor Schneider installs BASEMENT KELLER Haus u r. Available at: [Accessed: 16 Apr 2014]. 2014. Controversial artist Gregor Schneider creates a ‘haunting’ room :: Art Gallery NSW. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 16 Apr 2014].

Berberian Sound Studio. 2012. [film] United Kingdom: Peter Strickland.



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