Negotiated Project: Sounds to me like a new Module.

Rolling on to the last and final term of the second year, where has the time gone? It’s entirely cliché to say but really, where has it gone? It scares me thinking that we only have one year left, however we still have two more modules to complete before the third and final year.

One of these modules is Negotiated Project. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

We Negotiate with our course tutors exactly what it is we wish to look at/experiment/test. once we have the green light it’s go go GO!

I have given it some thought on what exactly it is I want to look at. Throughout my other blogs I have mentioned that most of my efforts is trying to establish, or begin to understand my directorial style. To do this I have decided on looking at Image System. Already I have looked at symbolism, as well as camera movement and how it drives narrative. With this module I will begin to examine another aspect of Image System.



It feels nice returning to sound, in a way I guess everything is coming full circle once more. Coming into PCA I was arriving from a sound background, having just completed a National Diploma in music, my first reaction was to gravitate towards sound. Since then I have engaged in other fields in an attempt to broaden my skill set.

Now it’s time to unearth my passion, this time however I will be looking further into the belly of the beast. I hope to really understand the full extent of sound design. Although I will be partaking in a technological outlook, this is very much more a theoretical journey. In doing this I hope to use sound that can both add to my Image System as well as eventually becoming part of my directorial style.

Sound however is a very broad subject. This could mean anything from music to foley. For me I will be taking the direction in soundscapes and narrative, or more so ‘the voice in cinema’.

One word I have maintained when describing my work is manipulation. In regards to sound I am interested in finding how it can manipulate an audience or individuals emotional and spacial awareness. I will partake in deep research on how sound through the past has been made to manipulate, as well as in popular formats such as film, audio story’s and games. All in which require participation.

It’s in this participation that my project will be molded around. My anxiety’s also start here, more and more it is beginning to look like I will have no visuals to show. This plays on my mind as it will be a massive step away from what both me, and my peers are used to. That being said this does create a different experience, experience being what it is all about.

So what am I looking to do? My ideas are still young, but already I can see great room for growth. The trouble I have is I seem to have two great ideas. At first glance this may seem like a ridiculous worry, but I really can’t decide on one, I must do two. This isn’t because I am terrible at making my mind up. I feel that both look at different aspects of sound, in looking at both it will only increase my knowledge, understanding and practice of sound.

At first glance it seems to play out like this.

  • One consists on heavy sound design, atmosphere, foley. Creating a third dimensional space. In doing this I will be able to bring to life a space & world that doesn’t truly exist.
  • The second being heavy with dialog and narration. This will be looking at script writing also as much as sound. Being able to create realistic and believable dialog.

As you can see they look at entirely different aspects of sound. I need to know if the work can be managed however, research wise I feel this can be accomplished. I feel that in researching this field it will have the ability to tie in with both pieces. My worry comes to completing the two projects to their full extent. This will need more revision, I would hate for both projects to suffer due to an overload of work.

Although this is the case I am happy to know I have a project ready to go with, explaining my ideas to Amanda she seemed equally as excited as I was about them.

The question still remains. Do I complete both, or one?

I will keep you posted.


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