Last but not least.

While watching my title sequence back, I was making sure that everything in the sequence was explained on my blog. It appeared so, then I realized one vital symbol within my title. The Moth.

Yes, I know it seems too ridiculous to believe but I forgot to mention why the moth is included. In fact it may not be all that ridiculous. As The Silence of the Lambs is one of favorite films, I already know a lot about it. One of these being that the moth is a popular and main symbol for the film. This might not be the same for some people, therefore I feel the need to give it a little background.


The Moth (a lot like the butterfly) symbolizes the path of advancement, or more so transformation. Transformation is key within the entire film. Every character (arguably except from Hannibal Lecter) is looking for that advancement, the transformation into something else. This being in finance, respect, lust. As well as this the death head moth seems to be the most iconic symbol for this film, yet it wasn’t the only moth in the picture. In fact the use of butterfly’s are spread throughout the film. These are normally represented in times of innocence or peace/tranquility. The death head moth seems to be there to stick out, like the ugly duckling. It is used to show that there is an ugly side to all of us. Not only that it seems to tell us when danger is approaching, or yet again an advancement in the story that will lead to danger.

This being the reason why I chose the moth in my title sequence and the entire motion of the piece is transformation. The other reason why it is blurred at the start is to hide what it is. The look of it flying towards camera, to me gives it a butterfly effect. It’s only at the last-minute that the moth appears.


This is the main reason why I used this piece. Not only is it iconic with the film, but also holds both the theme and process on why I decided on morphing.


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