The Start of a New Project – Title Sequencing.

I knew this day would come, the day I had to face the dreaded After Effects.

 It has to be said, I’m actually looking forward to it.

After Effects has been missing from my film making tool belt for sometime, I have never really come to grips with understanding what it can do and more importantly how to do it. I put this down to both fear of the program and interests elsewhere. Now I have the ultimate excuse to go forward and tackle the challenge, the excuse being I have to do it.

I’m still unsure on the capabilities of both myself and After Effects, I feel this will be the biggest part of my research and will also be the most challenging part. As it is early days I will not be looking at that for now, instead I thought it would be best to focus on what film title I wanted to create.

I always find it hard to come up with ideas for modules straight away, as I already know this module will be hard for me I really want to get the idea  early. This then giving me more time in the practical side.

So what film, browsing across my Blu-ray/DVD collection I started thinking about which ones could be interesting, I wanted to make sure however that I didn’t pick a film that already had a title sequence, the reasoning being I think it would be hard to be original with one already existing.

For an example I was wanting to create one for Twilight Zone (Twilight Zone, 1959) but for me the Twilight Zone title sequence is legendary.

Any attempt by me to create another one would be futile. No, it was best looking elsewhere, here’s my possible decisions.

Funny Games (Funny Games, 1997)


Looking at Funny Games as a possible candidate started throwing ideas in my mind, a film that has many a disturbing scene it would be really easy to highlight these within the opening. Within the film, the main antagonists wear clear white golf outfits, this only accentuates the bright colours of blood. Striking imagery went racing through my mind, bright red blood trickling across a red background. Forming the words Funny Games.

Maniac (Maniac, 2012)


When looking at Maniac it really got me thinking about colour, with maniac it seems to have the same colour pallet as Drive. I like the idea of this, neon with strong bold colours. I thought that the mannequins could be used within the title credits and put as shadows and silhouettes. Manipulating body parts to make things seem distorted and unnatural.

Silence of the Lambs (The Silence of the Lambs, 1991)


The Silence of the Lambs is a strong possibility for my main work. I love this film and also the themes, references and symbolism used throughout. I have somewhat of a deep understanding with this film as I have done work on it in the past, so in theory I should be able to delve deep into the story and this should pull out some interesting results. I remember seeing Jake create a butterfly in AE so I would have someone to go to for immediate advice which is always handy. I may have to look into this further.

ZULU (ZULU, 1964)


This one came to me at last-minute, it is one of my favorite films and I just love the colours in this film. The only problem is I have no idea on what it is I would do. When I think of Zulu I think of enormous landscape towering over the British. Swarms of Zulus swamping the British, I think maybe this could be done in some symbolic way. All I do know is that if I take on a title sequence like Zulu, it will have to be epic!

All of the above are great possible choices, each hold very different themes and styles that can be accomplished. I for one which I could do a couple of them, maybe this can be done. With one being my main project and another being a little smaller. This could mean more work but then again it could mean more experience using After Effects and it would also show me different areas.

All food for thought, my next blog will be about capabilities of both After Effects and me. Maybe then the choices will become a little clearer.


The Silence of the Lambs. 1991.  Directed by Jonathan Demme. USA: Orion Pictures. [Film].

The Twilight Zone. 1959. USA: CBS. October 2nd, 1959. [Television Series]

Zulu. 1964. Directed by Cy Endfield. United Kingdom: Paramount Pictures. [Film]

Funny Games. 1997. Directed by Michael Haneke. Austria: Madman Entertainment. [Film]

Maniac. 2012. Directed by Franck Khalfoun. United States: IFC Midnight. [Film]


One thought on “The Start of a New Project – Title Sequencing.

  1. Whenever I think of Zulu I think of:

    “Don’t throw.

    Bloody Spears.

    At Me.”

    It is one of cinema’s little tragedies that Michael Caine never (as apocryphally attributed) actually says this in Zulu.

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